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Keep dirt and debris out!

Dear Homeowner,

Replacing carpeting can be expensive! And renting steam and carpet cleaners can be costly. Doormats can only do so much, and even then you’re bound to track dirt, germs and debris inside the home!


What if you could go for those quick trips in and out of the house without making a mess? Without having to constantly lay down towels, sheets or tarps by the doorway?

To be able to get in and out of the house on those rainy and wet days without getting your floor and carpet dirty. That’s why we here at Kick-Ons® created the “Kick-Ons® Shoe covers” which are great if you:


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Save hundreds of dollars on cleaners and rug machines for a fraction of the cost!



Want to keep your carpet cleaner for longer periods!

check18Protect your carpet and floor against dirty shoes!

check18Want to protect your shoes from rainy and wet days!

check18Tired of cleaning your floor and carpet again and again…


If you answered yes to any of the above, then our Kick-Ons® Shoe covers are made for you. Kick-Ons® floor protectors can protect your floor and carpet from dirty shoes. Especially for those quick trips in and out of the house!


Our Kick-Ons® are made from re-usable, washable, & durable EVA rubber-like material. Most shoe covers are made of paper thin linings that rip apart easily. Our Kick-Ons® shoe covers will  last a lifetime, and are very comfortable! They conform to the size of your shoes with their adjustable straps and almost feel like you don’t have them on thanks to it’s light-weight material.

Kick-Ons® so many other uses too!

  • Golfers:  You know how expensive those golf shoes are. When you need to go outside the golf course you remove your shoes in order to protect them.  Now you  don’t need to; just “Kick-On” our shoe covers. (Not to be worn while driving)

  • Bowlers: now you can take a trip to the car without removing your bowling shoes, just put on Kick-Ons® shoe covers and go outside without any fear of damaging them! Also great for those quick trips in and out of the rest room.

  • Housekeeping:  Kick-Ons® shoe covers are very useful for housekeeping and general health, as they can keep dirt, rain, snow, allergens, pollutants, toxins and germs away from you. 

  • Contractors & Salespeople: if you are a contractor or salesperson, Kick-Ons® will give you the edge to get the job, because it shows the customer that you really care about their property and home. 










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Amanda Thompson GA, USA

“We could absolutely not be happier with the product… they have been awesome for times where we can’t take off our shoes or the kids need to run in and get a drink after having played outside…”

           George W. Jacksonville, FL USA

“They’re easy to use! i don’t have to fiddle with that (uncomfortable) sock!… i would personally recommend them to anyone who wants to keep their home clean!..”



For a more accurate fit, use the measuring method below Before Ordering.

 The exterior of your footwear can vary as much as 1 to 1.5 inches in length depending upon the brand.

Kick-Ons do not need to be an exact fit. They can be worn with an extra inch in the heel & toe area and will still cling to your footwear.

To select the best fit, please measure the footwear you are most likely to wear with your Kick-Ons.




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